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Validating data in vb net

Unfortunately, the form data resides with the View. It is enabled in a text box column to enter only non-empty strings. To relate this new class back to Customer, create a partial customer class and decorate it with a MetadataType attribute of type CustomerMetaData, as shown in Listing 2. A quick look at the " Validating with a Service Layer " tutorial shows just how involved this can get. Net language, like C or VB. Replace the default code with the code as shown in Listing 2. Be sure to check the option "Add action methods for Create, Update, Delete and Details scenarios" of the resulting Add Controller dialog. The basic syntax for the control is as given:

Validating data in vb net

This is an important step, required to see strongly typed classes in the Add View dialog box in the following step. It will show an error indicator at the row header when you set this property to a non empty string. Use the SQLMetal utility to create a data context for any non-trivial database. You can validate data by handling CellValidating event which is raised by RadGridView when the current cell changes or when the cell loses input focus when pressing Enter key. Data validation RadGridView provides a convenient way to perform validation before data is committed to the underlying data source. Although you won't be building unit tests in this article, we recommend always responding yes to the Create Unit Test Project dialog for easier unit test coding at a later date. Fires after the cell has finished validating. The StringLength annotation provides parameters for a maximum length and a minimum length. They also reduce code and ease application maintenance. If a field doesn't need validation, it doesn't need to appear in the CustomerMetaData class. This kind of situation is handled using validation groups. Column as GridViewDataColumn; if e. If standard validators don't meet your needs, you can create custom data annotations for richer validations. Fires when an error on the DataSource side occurs, e. The validations occur in the following order: Figure 2 shows how to create a strongly-typed List view for the Index action. ErrorText property can be used to indicate validation errors. Fires when a row is validating. Controller and Action Methods Add a controller named CustomerController, which will perform the interactions between the customer table and its related Web pages. You may put multiple validation attributes on a single data field. However, the editor will be closed in this case and the value will be committed to the underlying data source. Listing 1 shows the code for the Index method that lists customers and the Edit methods that retrieve an existing customer for editing and updating; see the sample application online for the remaining controller methods. The server side validation routine should be written in any. In addition, the Required annotation provides a Boolean flag to allow empty strings. The code snippet below demonstrates simple data validation scenario. The syntax for the control is as given: At the start of the Controller source, add Imports Models.

Validating data in vb net

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    You can handle this case by subscribing to the DataError event. The ModelState property of the controller tracks errors to populate the next view.

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    This ability to create default controllers and views is convention over configuration at work for you. The RowValidating event can be used the same way to prevent the user from exiting the current row.

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    If a field doesn't need validation, it doesn't need to appear in the CustomerMetaData class.

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    You can now put data annotation validators on these properties.

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    IsValid method is false when any validations fail and should always be checked as shown in the Edit method of Listing 1. The solution is to create a "buddy" class called CustomerMetaData, which has public properties with the same field names.

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