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Vintage Stanley Planes: Is older really better?

Stanley hand plane dating

Rosewood was used for the knob and tote. The answer is, both made them. Since aluminum oxidizes easily, these planes leave despicable skidmarks for lack of a better word on the freshly planed wood. If you see one of these planes with a lever cap that is nickel plated and has a kidney-shaped hole, it's probably a replacement. Stanley, in their instructions for using the planes, specifically addresses just how tight the lever caps should be - "If the Cam [of the lever cap] will not snap in place easily, slightly loosen the Lever Cap Screw.

Stanley hand plane dating

It can also be found on the Bed Rock series of bench planes, some of the block planes the brass knob and adjuster are painted orange , and on the 78 rabbet the embossed logo on the right side is highlighted in orange. There are reproduction totes out there, and some of them are quite good. Sell it to a collector, then take the proceeds and buy a model that is equipped with the lever. Totes are also prone to cracking near their bases, just above where they extend forward to meet the main casting. A piece forward of the mouth and rear of the mouth are riveted to the steel bottom. The plane is unmistakably from the turn of the century as it doesn't have the frog adjusting screw that was applied to the Bailey series ca. Stanley truly felt that their planes were the best in the world, and they were hell-bent to force that belief in every corner of the globe. The 'horn' of the tote is often sheared off on many of the bench planes. Thus, Stanley needed to modify the design if they were to become "The Toolbox of the World. The planes were designed to be general purpose and affordable, not to conquer any wood tossed their way. This frog is secured to the cross-rib via two screws that are oriented horizontally. The corrugated version of the 5. This, along with a 4 and a 5 , is part of most woodworkers' handtool arsenals. For this plane, one should check the toe for any signs of re-grinding and painting to make sure it's legitimate. Stanley, and other companies, would try to slip new models of planes into a numbering sequence of planes already in production, and would use the fractional designation so that they could be grouped with similar models in the sequence. These replacement totes were offered during the 's's, when they were replaced with aluminum totes during the early 's. These planes were produced at a time when nickel plating appeared on the lever caps. You may need to file nicks out of the plane's sole, if they project - these will leave scratches on the wood, which defeats the plane's purpose. The jointer for those who are into bull work. Many folks found the low knobs difficult to grip, especially on the shorter planes. Many of the horns are repaired with nails, screws, glue, or scarfs. Make sure the cap iron fits tightly against the iron; you'll have to re-grind it if it doesn't. All the aformentioned tools were a radical departure from Stanley's main product line of bench and block planes. The Bailey-made stuff, from Boston, is very scarce and highly prized by collectors. The jointer is used to true an edge make it straight or face make it flat.

Stanley hand plane dating

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    Note that this one was offered for 3 years longer than the other two - proof that the 6 size isn't that popular? Some guys prefer them for jointing, but the whole function of jointing is to run a longer flat surface over the edge you're planing, which the longer planes do.

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    Despite all these swell features, the planes were a miserable flop.

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