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Radiometric Dating is Flawed!! Really?? How Old IS the Earth?

Mythology of modern dating methods

It's not enough to simply dismiss it all with a sneer. The real world is a very complicated place and all scientific investigations of real-world problems uncover difficulties with our theories and methodologies. Thus, a certain reluctance to provide a non-fitting date seems to be the case in this report by Forman: Not surprisingly, Woodmorappe never appropriately discusses the impressive radiometric dates in Baadsgaard et al. What reason do the authors give for omitting MK p.

Mythology of modern dating methods

This suggests that both radiogenic argon and strontium may be lost in equal proportions from biotite during certain metamorphic events, and hence that ages based on concordant results from this mineral must be considered with caution. Finally, I tackle the question of how often results of different dating methods can agree by chance. If Woodmorappe's shell game is correct, Baadsgaard et al. The Studies in Flood Geology book is currently used by many young-earth creationists as an apologetic tool see, for example, the review given by the Creation Research Society. In summary, glauconite is a very useful mineral for potassium-argon dating and is about the only mineral that can be used to date sedimentary rocks directly. The first section addresses the nature of how evolution works as part of the scientific enterprise, as well as a summary of the relationship between religious beliefs and science. The 14 biotites and feldspars on the Rb-Sr isochron plot in Baadsgaard et al. Woodmorappe's inclusion of this data, from a preliminary study attempting to evaluate glauconite's usefulness, is hardly fair. He only has the following entry in his Table 1 p. Overn, , "Isochrons," Bible-Science Newsletter, v. A full examination of the data shows the reliability of the Rb-Sr method for dating the Cardenas Basalt and a testable explanation for the argon loss and unsuitability of the Cardenas for K-Ar dating methods. He needs to convince geologists of these problems, not the average person in the church pew. These data imply, to us, that the anatexis responsible for the initial development of the Kinsman and Bethlehem magmas occurred near the crust-mantle interface. The following books are highly recommended for learning about radiometric dating in general: Introduction to Petrology - Petrology is the study of rocks and their origins. Fair enough, they simply decided to test, using radiometric dating, the commonly held assumption that the two sequences were correlative since similar assumptions in the past had been incorrect. For example, Woodmorappe , p. Such a large volume of material means that Woodmorappe spends no more than a sentence or two if even that explaining each claim which results in an extremely superficial treatment of what, in many cases, are very complex, detailed studies. The large spread of values for igneous and metamorphic rocks especially of the Precambrian may indicate artificial imposition of time-values upon these rocks. The number of cases of concordances are no doubt exaggerated by the selective publication of dating results. All of the papers were written by Woodmorappe and each address various topics relating to the young-earth creationist belief in a geologically-recent global deluge Noah's Flood. The Rb-Sr method dated the basalts at 1,,, years old and the K-Ar method dated the basalts at ,, years old -- a large difference of ,, years but both dates are still well within the Proterozoic late Precambrian. This example only calls into question Woodmorappe's judgement for including it. Woodmorappe quoted from what is now an obsolete source. I fail to see how Woodmorappe can ascribe that motive to Forman given the text of the above quotation. The real world is a very complicated place and all scientific investigations of real-world problems uncover difficulties with our theories and methodologies. This work, by contrast, seeks critically to evaluate the claims of radiometric dating via a geological approach; the author believing that dating is best understood in its geologic context.

Mythology of modern dating methods

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    Doesn't it look like they've found that glauconite isn't all that suitable for radiometric dating since it's consistently giving younger-than-expected ages?

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