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Gunsmithing Disassembly: Marlin 1895 "Guide Gun" (Gunworks)

Marlin 1895 serial number dating

It offers an excellent combination of ease of use, rapid follow up shots, plenty of power, and a wide variety of useful applications for the North American big game hunter. In short, the BLR isnt a better lever action, its a better gun. Unlike most lever actions, but like the Finnwolf, there was no external hammer. I don't recall ever seeing one in the field, although I vaguely remember seeing one on a dealer's shelf long ago. I've only seen one used in the field. I have a BLR 81 Lite with a straight-hand butt and slim, square forend chambered in WSM, which makes a very handy running game gun. When all this stuff was happening with Winchester and Marlin, I got to seriously thinking about my needs and preferences. The Lightning's receiver is made from high-grade aluminum to save weight.

Marlin 1895 serial number dating

Both grip and forend, which are nicely chequered, fill the hand well and provide a secure hold. Lewis , and some to Bruce Browning, the grandson of John Browning. Wow seems like you have a pretty nice collection of firearms. The lone factory load is the grain Winchester Silvertip. I dare say it is as accurate as any bolt action Ive ever fired, and it offers quick and reliable follow up shots if need be. Likely, barrel heat was the culprit. Consequently the magazine is narrower and thus had to be made longer in order to hold an adequate number of shells. M Traditional Hunter in , and calibers introduced. The only safety feature is the hammer, which has half and full cock positions. The '81 is the Western style BLR. We call them islands. There have been some exceptions and special runs. There were maybe a dozen real enthusiasts who always got their deer, even went on hunting trips after antelope, moose, bear and elk. The detachable box magazine allows the use of pointed bullets, and the forend design eliminates the use of barrel bands. It is accurate and how can anyone not enjoy that short throw lever. His name was Ronnie and I could write a book on Ronnie and his hunting adventures. Im assuming that its not appreciated simply because few people have actually given it a try. The swamps keep any others from accesssing the land I use. My preference for squirrels and turkeys has always been the. Prisbrey in his article examines the new Takedown version offered in 14 calibers, with an optional forward Weaver-style one-piece alloy Scout rail mount. Unlike most lever actions, but like the Finnwolf, there was no external hammer. The Lightweight '81 model is similar to the standard BLR Lightweight, but comes with a straight hand stock and a carbine style forend with a barrel band. For many years we only had short action caliber choices, but since , we have had long action caliber choices. He was not a marksman and he favored the shotgun over a rifle. It almost looks too nice to shoot. Original BLRs had a steel receiver and straight-grip stock.

Marlin 1895 serial number dating

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    There are long and short action versions, depending on caliber. Having owned both, I have not developed a preference over the extended or flush magazine.

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    The heart of the Takedown mechanism is a simple but effective lever that raises a locking bar into a transverse cut in the breeching ring. It was one shot, running at well over yards away from me.

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    A friend kindly loaned me his dad's old. I got rid of everything that was not a Browning.

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    The first two calibers were.

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