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For Guys: How To Write A Good Online Dating Profile

Keywords online dating profile

Other top terms for men and women include "fun," "friends," "laugh," and "music. Although the studies had different conclusions, one thing is for sure: Share This Like My Writing? What dating keywords creep you out online, or in real life? I can kind of see the ick factor in a guy describing himself as a "gentleman" -- again with the cliches. Truly know what we want to hear, I mean.

Keywords online dating profile

In a press release, the site reveals the odd bit of info that, in examining the profiles of 7, male daters who were rejected by ladies, the top 5 words the men's profiles shared were "romantic," "adventurous," "fun," "mature," and "gentleman. Don't lie; it's fun. Whether it's bad grammar or bad spelling, some of the profiles that I have heard about make me question while I am still single. Jesus as in "I've accepted Jesus as my lord and savior. Research conducted by Match. For men, the word they react to most is "easy. If it doesn't, you're going to find that your dating life is going to be a lot like your job hunt: If there is one thing that I've learned from online dating, it's that women are horrified by what is written by men in their profiles. But the rest of the descriptors seem pretty harmless, if a bit generic. Like being at a party fellas, write your profile as if you are meeting someone in person. Seeing "I'm a hopeless romantic! Let's face it, those of us a certain age remember 'personal ads' in the back of a newspaper. After all, it's the only thing you have to attract the partner of your dreams through the internet. But … Why did those particular keywords turn so many women off? What are their keywords? You can no longer just say 'fun-loving,' 'smart,' or 'successful. But according to a new study , there's a list of key words you should be using if you want your profile to be successful. What Makes YoExpert Different? I'd venture to offer that it's because they're a bit Last year, eHarmony looked at more than 12, of their popular profiles to determine the most and least attractive terms on their site. I have no beef with the other words on the rejected list, though, and have no clue why they'd purportedly trigger women to recoil en masse. I can't help you if you're taking pictures of yourself without a shirt on in front of the mirror or next to your 'boss' car Burning Man as in that's one of his main interests, or an overarching theme in his profile, or the dusty-hippie background of every single one of his photos 3. Apparently, the term "romantic" made women vom the hardest 43 percent of the shunned men's profiles contained that word , followed by "adventurous" 19 percent. The right dating keywords are a great indication of the education and time taken to write a really good online dating profile.

Keywords online dating profile

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    Bloomberg via Getty Images A page from the dating website Match.

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    In an interview with Marie Claire , Match.

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    PeopleImages via Getty Images "This research shows some interesting insights into what singles prioritize when looking for their other half, with love and fun being top of the agenda! Jesus as in "I've accepted Jesus as my lord and savior.

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    Don't lie; it's fun. You can no longer just say 'fun-loving,' 'smart,' or 'successful.

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    Seeing "I'm a hopeless romantic! You can no longer just say 'fun-loving,' 'smart,' or 'successful.

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