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Real Life Couples Of Hannah Montana

Hannah montana dating jackson

Earl seems to have provided the family with endless stories and jokes, often at his own expense. It is revealed that her and Joannie's parents are dating. Real-life characters[ edit ] Real-life celebrities portrayed by themselves[ edit ] Larry David was the first celebrity to guest star as himself. Every time Jackson talks about her, he always stutters saying the word "bikini. In the video Susan tells Miley to always listen to her heart. Robby seems to have so much fun hanging out with the Jonas Brothers, that Miley becomes jealous and tries to discredit his songwriting in front of the Jonas Brothers.

Hannah montana dating jackson

She is nonetheless excited to see that they have not left yet. Miley appears solely as Hannah in the whole crossover event. Even though he is unaware that Miley is Hannah Montana. Throughout the episode, Miley makes several witch-related comments about Luann in keeping with the episode's Halloween theme. You know, the one on the bus bench in front of the library. While recording the song, Archuleta gives Hannah a rose which reminds her of Aaron. She has a weakness for Swiss truffles. They are good friends again after Cooper realizes that everything was Olivia's fault. The girls first appear in the pilot episode and have since appeared in a total of 12 episodes, although they only appeared once in season three. Sheryl Crow appears as herself in the fourth season and sings a duet with Hannah called "Need a Little Love" Iyaz appears as himself in the fourth-season episode "Hannah's Gonna Get This" and sings a duet with Hannah called "Gonna Get This" after her failure to make her fans like her new song. When Aunt Dolly asks Miley to join her on stage, Miley fears she can never perform again. Jake and Miley first start dating in "People Who Use People", but their relationship lasts only a matter of minutes as Jake kisses Miley and then tells her he is going away to Romania for four months. Hannah performs a concert for him and his family. In the end, to save their relationship, Miley shows Siena her closet. How come you always get to be the apple? Her film debut is Roger Bucks: Even though all the songs that Hannah sings are on the Hannah Montana soundtracks, the song Miley sings in this episode, titled " I Miss You ", does not. Jesse ends up figuring out that Miley is Hannah before she could even tell him, claiming that "You both have the same beautiful eyes and amazing smile. Explain how you could ever think that there's someone out there who could ever replace my mom! Candid Camera and Punk'd parody. In the pilot episode, Robby tells Miley that Susan would have been proud of her performance at the Los Angeles concert. Though her character may appear arrogant and shallow based on her behavior towards Hannah, Mikayla actually has been shown to have a much softer side towards others. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Miley meets up with Lilly and Oliver while Jackson meets up with Christopher. Miley is seen to rely on her advice and encouragement.

Hannah montana dating jackson

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