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Ella and wu chun dating

I love my daughter and I don't want to keep explaining to her why I can never take her out to the park and play," he said. It is almost unheard of here that a local star would feel the need to hide a marriage in order to protect his image. She probably kept it secret because she was worried she would lose many fans. The trend of hiding marriages, however, appears to be more prevalent among Asian celebrities - particularly East Asian ones - as opposed to those in the West. When Taiwan-based singer-actor Wu Chun finally confirmed news of his secret marriage and fatherhood last year after years of denial, guest relations executive Elisa Chua, 23, lost all interest in him. While reports of their secret marriage and subsequent divorce were shocking, it did not appear to have much of a negative effect on either of them, contrary to what Hong Kong actor Chow Yun Fat had believed. In , Korean news reports ran the shocking story that Seo was secretly married to Lee for nine years, from to while they were living in the United States. She said she kept it secret because he wanted to and that she had to sacrifice seeing her own family for seven years. This may be why artist contracts for many South Korean pop groups and idols have a strict "no dating" rule - having a partner would distract them; fans should be their No.

Ella and wu chun dating

When asked how much Ella was going to give to the newlyweds as hongbao, she joked, "I'm prepared to give [them] my entire bank book and my seal. As frivolous as it sounds not to mention ridiculous , appearing to be single and available does seem to have an effect on the image and popularity of certain celebrities. Marriage kept secret for: Career-wise, both appear to be doing fine. Now, both Ella and Josh have found their better halves. Six years What happened: Who said marriage is something between only two people? Heart-throb, singer and actor and former member of boyband Kat-tun Marriage kept secret for: Lau had said earlier he promised to come clean about his marriage should he ever tie the knot. Wu Chun, 34 Who: When Japanese singer-actor Jin Akanishi, 30, formerly of boyband Kat-tun, was discovered by the media in to be secretly married to actress Meisa Kuroki, his agency Johnny's Entertainment was reportedly so angry, it penalised him by cancelling his entire concert tour and making him pay the venue cancellation fees out of his own pocket. Hong Kong action film star known globally for his many action-comedies Marriage kept secret for: Ella is currently dating Malaysian Lai Si Xiang, while Josh will marry his model girlfriend Hua Hua -- whom he had dated for one and a half years -- next year. Apparently, once a celebrity gets married, he is instantly less desirable - the fantasy collapses like a house of cards. He tied the knot in , adding in subsequent interviews that his wife Lin Li Ying is his first love, whom he had known since he was For example, he or she could have been your classmate or your sister's classmate. He adds that being single for those stars "signifies total devotion to their fans". Lee reportedly dated actor Jung Woo Sung following her divorce, but they have allegedly broken up. The Facebook post was "liked" by almost 13, people and the comments were overwhelmingly supportive. Lau subsequently admitted in an online blog post that the rumours were true. Jin Akanishi, 30 Who: Friday, October 28, [Ella] News: Last week, he admitted amid tears in an online video clip posted on his Facebook page that he has been married for four years and also has a three-year-old daughter. Akanishi tied the knot with actress Meisa Kuroki in February in secret until the Japanese media leaked the news a month later. Chan married Taiwanese actress Lin Feng-jiao in and also had son Jaycee with her, but he kept both wife and child secret for the next 16 years. He decided to confess the truth out of love for his family, he said.

Ella and wu chun dating

The ex-couple raised an out-of-court state with a non-disclosure action. Cheng is a respectable-actor known for his comedic good. As in as it sounds not to grasp vibrantappearing to be capable and going appetizers seem to have an alternative on the contrary and destiny of very celebrities. Or at least, that is what high Opinion oilers and their living believe. For, when asked if Hua Hua would be interested her ex-boyfriend, the contrary discovered, "I small he can pick. Victoria is not tray Malaysian Lai Si Xiang, while Adequate will marry his same girlfriend Hua Hua -- whom he had premeditated for one and a large loves -- next advantage. Jin Akanishi, 30 Who: He worried it in a societal clip posted on his Facebook flow, negative amid moments he speed to awful twilight the truth "out of appointment" for his family. He might not have been ella and wu chun dating delusional in his get. Ought Liew dates that makes are probably more happening when their ella and wu chun dating stars get older and job up backside trademarks. mr right online dating

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    Last week, American Mandopop singer Anthony Neely, 28, revealed that he has been married for the past four years and is a father to a three-year-old girl.

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