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Re-Dating Puma Punku And Tiwanaku With Geologist Dr. Robert Schoch

Dating the tiwanaku state

Only public, non-domestic foundations remain, with poorly reconstructed walls. A real mystery about the Tiwanaku Site is that Posnansky clearly knew how badly trashed the Tiwanaku Site was when he mapped it. As a result, it might be very difficult, at this time, to independently demonstrate that any "solstice markers" or sight lines used in archaeoastronomy studies are either part of the original structure or even related to each other. Bolivia, Los Amigos de Libro. As a result, even his pains-taking study of the site would have been badly skewed by the severe disturbance to this site. First, Tiwanaku, including the Kalasasaya, have been badly damaged by the mining of stones within, defacing of structures, and altered by well-meaning, but ill-considered reconstructions. Ponce Sangines, Carlos, , Cer?

Dating the tiwanaku state

Rather, it is the authors who blindly repeat this claim as the gospel truth without taking the time and trouble to understand what they are writing about who are unpopular with archaeologists. Tenon puma and human heads stud the upper terraces. The walls of the small semi-subterranean temple Templete are made up of 48 pillars in red sandstone. However, a conservation plan with precise guidelines for interventions, which take into consideration the original form and design, as well as the materials used for construction, will need to be implemented to ensure that the conditions of authenticity continue to be met. The walls of the Kalasasaya are almost all reconstructed. I have also examined the "wharf" described by Posnansky Near the courtyard is the Semi-Subterranean Temple; a square sunken courtyard that is unique for its north—south rather than east—west axis. Investigations have shown that it was originally clad in sandstone and andisite and surmounted by a temple. Within many of the site's structures are impressive gateways; the ones of monumental scale are placed on artificial mounds, platforms, or sunken courts. The controversy was charged with nationalistic and political undertones. The main plan will entail the implementation of the following programmes: It is a rectangular, terraced earthen mound faced with megalithic blocks. Pictures of archaeological excavations in Stairs of Kalasasaya Gate of the Sun Gate of the Sun, Rear View Contemporary excavation and restoration[ edit ] Walls around the temple Kalasasaya In the s, the Bolivian government initiated an effort to restore the site and reconstruct part of it. Espacio, Tiempo y Cultura. It is surrounded by very well-preserved drainage canals. In the 21st century, experts concluded Posnansky's dates were invalid and a "sorry example of misused archaeoastronomical evidence. Spiritual and Political Centre of the Tiwanaku Culture is one of the urban accessions the most important pre-Inca of the Andean region of South America. This is one reason why his dating of Tiwanaku has been ignored by archaeologists. The interior contains two carved monoliths and the monumental Gate of the Sun, one of the most important specimens of the art of Tiwanaku. Since the late 20th century, researchers have theorized that this was not the gateway's original location. In former years, an archaeological field school offered through Harvard 's Summer School Program, conducted in the residential area outside the monumental core, has provoked controversy amongst local archaeologists. A real mystery about the Tiwanaku Site is that Posnansky clearly knew how badly trashed the Tiwanaku Site was when he mapped it. This destruction continued during the Spanish conquest and colonial period, and during 19th century and the early 20th century. In addition to Tiwanaku, also called "Tiahuanaco," what place hasn't been claimed to be the site of Atlantis? However, the monumental stone buildings of the ceremonial centre survive in the protected archaeological zones. In my opinion, the claim that Tiwanaku was port with a wharf is nothing more than the wishful thinking by Posnansky for which proof is lacking.

Dating the tiwanaku state

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