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Antique Emerson fan floor type

Dating antique emerson fans

The switch is usually seen in black porcelain as shown at the bottom. Like all Hunter desk fans, this one is excellent for daily use and I usually use it at work. It is a loop oscillator, and runs very quiet for a GE fan. The motor is a 4-pole shaded pole motor made by another Alliance, Ohio firm for Wade-Youmans. It is a Model 49X and was originally made as a Quiet-Fan with wide blades like those on the 55X pictured above. The dates given are believed to be accurate but some errors may have crept in. Hunter fans have very quiet motors and are excellent air movers. This unique Emerson fan was made in and sports the optional spiral safety cage.

Dating antique emerson fans

Last mechanical start switch 11xxx and 12xxx types. First carrying handles on top of motor on 12" and 16" models in for oscillators, not sure about stationary. Manufacture of fans stopped in May due to the war. A separate winding in the speed coil is used to create a phase shift in one of the two motor windings, in much the same way a capacitor is used in a permanent-split capacitor motor. The 5-digit Emerson type or model numbers encode information about the fan. It is also a series fan. This fan makes much less use of cast iron than the other Emerson fans on this page. The fan is a 12" model, and uses Improved Parker blades. This overlapping-blade 12" Emerson AL was made in Emerson Model number encode certain features of the fan: This fan uses Emerson's unique hollow stationary shaft single bearing. This fan has a few features making it a lower-cost model such as a 6-pole shaded pole motor. It is a loop oscillator, and runs very quiet for a GE fan. I do refuse to buy new fans because of their poor quality and styling. I would like to update the list where possible if readers will let me know any additional or corrected information. Pyramid badge Built to Last c. This Inch fan, the model , was made in Improved Parker blade c. Steel cages in You'll note they are standard "pizza-slice" blades instead of the wide blades of the C shown above. This 12" fan was made in The overlapping blades had to be used under license from GE, since GE owned the patent. It is a inch fan and it has six blades instead of the usual four. The fan uses a 4-pole PSC-type motor with Emerson's unique single bearing design and runs very cool and efficient. It uses Emerson's unique hollow stationary shaft single bearing.

Dating antique emerson fans

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    This fan is finished in an attractive brown crinkle finish and does not oscillate. The spiral safety cage was available on Emerson's large fans models 20" and larger since the mid 's, and became available as an extra-cost option on the 12" and 16" fans around

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