Video about an internal database error occurred when saving/updating the profile:

Webi Error WIS 30270 - SAP BusinessObjects Tutorial

An internal database error occurred when saving/updating the profile

Input decimal separator issue in Table Viewer. Swapping connections did not work when re-comparing in Data Synchronization. Spaces were missing in the SQL exported from Model. Out of memory issue when running Data Transfer. You cannot perform process management for multiple cells when the Value dimension is specified on the grid and "Apply to all value members" is selected. Use a valid application name. Unable to transfer objects between different server types by drag-and-drop. Unlock the data or have and administrator unlock the data and perform the action again. Add Index statements were generated wrongly when opening Table Designer.

An internal database error occurred when saving/updating the profile

You cannot promote a process unit without promoting the children or dependent members of Value dimension. Unable to change to admin mode. You attempted to perform an action on locked data. Unable to show query files with ". Follow the instructions below on how to change this limit in cPanel, Apache, your php. Table groups were not synchronized to other members in Navicat Cloud. Unable to find the specified load file. Truncate the comment to less than or equal to characters. Potential arguments are SSO token, application name. Unable to import Chinese characters from Excel files. Opening large databases in List View took long time. The load file specified in CES was not found. It deals with the permissions used to execute CGI and other scripts. An error occurred inserting the table data. File path and file name were not saved in Export profiles. A permissions issue attempting to access a CGI script. Structure Synchronization detected differences wrongly in some cases. Query syntax highlight was wrong after switching tabs. The system was unable to perform the requested task. Error occurred when getting MySQL query status. When the web server encounters an error of any sort, the page that it displays to report the error is actually just another. Replace All did not work in Table Viewer. The system failed to shut down the datasource process for the application. Fixed ER diagram layout issue. Delete unused temporary files for additional storage. One issue might be if you saw a link in an email or webpage and rather than clicking on it, you copied and pasted the link in a web browser. Contact application administrator to get assigned security roles required for the action.

An internal database error occurred when saving/updating the profile

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    All directories should be drwxr-xr-x or Foreign Key constraint issue in Import Wizard.

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