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Why Liberals Can't Date Me

A liberal dating a conservative

Can you marry a Democrat without a pre-nup? It takes tact and dexterity, but doesn't marriage require these things of everybody? Meanwhile, conservatives will marry each other to go on to work real jobs making real money to live in real homes in the suburbs to have three kids and repopulate the USA. There's much evidence of this already. And shame is the goad of ruthless political herdsmen. Shows I deeply they are committed to equality. Getty Images If there's one thing you can be sure of, it's that in a few months, you'll be overwhelmed by news stories with headlines like these: As long as they're Democrats, they can count on my support. Open-mindedness has surprisingly little to do with it, and civility, self-control and mutual appreciation of what we have in common a great deal.

A liberal dating a conservative

I'd known and been treated abominably by too many men who shared all my opinions to let his convictions get in the way, and I've never regretted it. Talk show hosts will use them as program fodder. Now the divide is politics, because politics is our new secular American church. The liberal women were the worst. Soon we'll understand that our species is not long for this earth. Plus, liberal girls are sleazy. She is a conservative. It's a good thing there was no social media then. It's really no better than a match by astrological sign, or any other external criteria, because the political beliefs people subscribe to say surprisingly little about their characters. Thats the way the angry libs were at County of Sonoma, total intolerance except for their lazy friends. But politics doesn't care about what comes naturally. So, why don't we both agree to stay home on Election Day? I just married a conservative, and my friends dropped me. Don't worry, she'll dump him and run off with a Bernie Bro before Thankfully my wife is not on FB. Some say that almost half of America wouldn't date someone with opposing political views. And sometimes, they're not tales of forbidden political love, but obnoxious humble brags about how she married a conservative out of pity and was surprised to find that he treated her with respect and knew how to use a knife and fork. I finally checked profiles more carefully and thereafter refused—regardless of how they looked—to even try to date one. And because the media leans left — don't even try to argue otherwise, that's like being a wild-eyed science denier — most political mating stories will reflect a certain antipathy toward "those people," meaning Republicans. The characters, the amazing story arcs, the subtleties, It also helps that we have an enormous amount in common in every other arena; we are both professional writers, psychologically-minded, esthetic, nature-loving and close-binding. Politics has a mission. Can you bring home a Republican without fear? She was a modern dancer marching in no-nuke parades. I cannot tell how many times I have personally verified your post. If we Republicans can keep our House and Senate majorities, I expect this will begin to reverse in a few years. Politics was often a side show and never ruined a relationship.

A liberal dating a conservative

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    Others say that young Democrats don't want young Republicans in the same college dorm. Don't ask me for statistics.

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    Don't worry, she'll dump him and run off with a Bernie Bro before

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    At last, "Game of Thrones," Season 7, is here with the Sunday premiere on HBO , a season that will be watched by most humans on the globe because, well, it is just the best damn show in the history of human entertainment.

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