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I'm 17 & I'm Dating a 30 Year Old!!!!

22 dating a 30 year old

If I need to grow up, it's a personal thing that affects me, not my sexual partners. For purposes of his anonymity, I am going to call just call him "Son. It can work, though. She'd have a lot of support from friends and roommates who are learning all this stuff at the same time. To no ill effect, and in fact we're friends to this day. They're adults, nobody is forcing either of them, and it sounds like she's being treated well. Lots of female friends of mine in college dated guys in their 30s and survived. Be prepared to have that conversation earlier. Sure, dating coworkers can cause problems, but in the long run it's no big deal.

22 dating a 30 year old

Just a data point. Parents are a lot less likely to find out what a child's sex life is like when the child doesn't live at home. But that's not the question. Something to think about: But those red flags turn up in the relationship dynamics, not in the simple difference in age. They break up in a difficult way and it becomes a wound that takes forever to heal because they can't get space from each other. Most people will say if she's happy don't worry about it, and well this can be true, girls at a frat house who are hopped up on xtacy about to be date raped are happy as well, its only after the high has worn off and the realization about what has occurred sets in are they not happy. Twenty is a little young to be taking on a serious relationship with someone that has, in all likelihood, already gone through the highs and lows of sexual relationships, but age itself isn't a big concern at all when compared to other issues that you'll get by having a serious relationship with someone else regardless of any age difference; personality clashes, irreconcilable differences of opinion and so on. Also, as a 31 year old I can say that I've known a number of year-olds at or near my level of maturity. I'm sure she still has some growing up to do; all year-olds do, even the mature ones. It's not THAT big of a deal. My family has a lot of these age gaps in it; the longest is 30 years. Thank you all for your responses, which have helped me learn more about what is considered healthy and normal by average folks. Then you get a little older. So why would it serve the purpose of helping her grow up by convincing her to remove herself from a situation that However, a year-old who was a virgin living with her parents and going to school is in a hugely different place than most year-olds. Is marriage sometime in the next few years a possibility, or no? Like you, I had a lot of growing up left to do so did my girlfriend. There is a negative connotation to a woman dating a younger man. And why can't women institute this rule? Here they are, still looking great, young and fantastic, and there you are with your skin sagging everywhere. What about if your year-old looks at you and says, "I'm ready to date, Dad"? If she was older, I would have had the same amount of growing up to do. My own inexperience in life had very little relationship to my girlfriends age. Also, her mom retired early in part to accommodate her Dad and she's spent the last decade or so being pretty bored. It was very obvious from the get-go that this was not "meant to be" in any significant sense.

22 dating a 30 year old

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